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Exploring Innovative  Drug Delivery Systems for antimicrobial therapeutics

I am always excited to embark on new research activities. Over the last 8 years, my interest has grown in the field of antimicrobial therapeutics. I will be sharing some of our exciting publications over the course of time. All feedback is welcomed, do enjoy reading!!

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Misty Slope


Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (2019-2022) 

Bacteria can invade immune cells or form biofilms and cause persistent infections. Such infections are difficult to treat because of the poor drug penetration. To overcome this, current studies indicate that liposomes can deliver antibiotics with better activity. However, liposomal products have low drug concentrations, poor drug retention, and rapid release. Therefore, a hybrid system comprising a DNA nanogel trapped within a liposome was developed for antibiotic delivery to address this problem.

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